icarus-one-spray-drone-painting katsu flying drones

Flying Drones Pushing New Mediums In Contemporary Art

Privacy has become today's prime and constant concern and surveillance a collective fixation--especially with news like Apple's recent public letter warning of the US...
earth-from-outer-space-nasa- 3d printed

First Ever Outer Space Sculpture Will Be 3D Printed Laughs

As the film Alien famously taglines, “In space, no one can hear you scream.” This may be true for any sound emitted in outer...
neil-jenney improved picasso portraits westbroadway-gallery-artreport-2011

Neil Jenney’s “Improved Picasso” Portraits With His Signature Frames

Neil Jenney’s solo exhibition at the West Broadway Gallery is the artist-run space's second exhibition. The loft is run by Jenney himself and is...
Saturate, Kathryn Wilson art dubai

Dubai’s Top Exhibitions From Now Until Art Dubai

Dubai's art world kicked off to an exciting start in 2016. The vast expansion of Alserkal Avenue has welcomed four new galleries since last...
the old family dining room white house amanda lucidon white house history

Inside President Obama’s Art Collection That Changed The White House History

Barack Obama, and his family, brought a new style to White House history, which notably began with his unique campaign in 2008 using Pop...
the den gregory crewdson gagosian gallery

Finally, A New Series By Gregory Crewdson At Gagosian

In the rural town of Becket, Massachusetts, Gregory Crewdson renewed his photographic vision after years of absence from his work. His newest series Cathedral...


happily ever after shaivalini kumar design taxi fabric

Young Indian Designers Use Their Local Taxis As Their Canvas

There are 21 million people in Mumbai and taxis are most convenient form of transportation - almost 55,000 and have become an iconic piece...

Magnus Wennman Shines A Light On Syrian Children

The bomb changed everything. Swathed in darkness and uncertainty, they dream of home and yearn for yesterday. Their nightmares are their reality with exploded...

MLK Mural Bringing Compton’s Future Together

Street artist MADSTEEZ, in collaboration with Turnaround Arts: California, Branded Arts and Citizen AOL, completed a mural of Martin Luther King Jr. in Compton...
shared studios main portal

Shared Studios Connecting People And Cities Through A Golden Portal

During my week in Miami for Art Basel, I encountered a portal called Shared Studios. Sandwiched between two luxurious hotels and resembling a steel shipping container painted in gold, it stopped me...
ghetto biennale kickstarter

A New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep – Help the Ghetto Biennale

While Haitian art over recent years has gained great recognition within the art sphere, Haiti as a place has yet to become the local...




taylor mckimens painting saint marinus

Artist Taylor McKimens Embraces Ancient Traditions in Latest Commission While many of his contemporaries have begun to migrate towards the conceptual and digital, New York-based artist Taylor McKimens roots himself firmly in the traditional craft of...



Bernice Steinbaum_Wall_1_art documentary nick mele

An Art Documentary On The Pioneer For Women In Art

As a pioneer in art dealing, Bernice Steinbaum has been a fervent advocate for artists of minority. She made a fissure in the art...


Love, Hate And Valentines – Famous Couples In Art History

“I feel THAT there is nothing more TRULY artistic than to love people.” Vincent Van Gogh was onto something here. This force known as love can...