5 Art Books On The Horizon This New Year

5 Art Books On The Horizon This New Year

art books at whitey museum
Art books at the Whitney Museum of Art. Photo: Christina Lee

Looking to invest in a new art book this year? Yes, these puppies can be pricey, but scrolling is no substitute for flipping through those glossy pages, in our opinion. Plus, they don’t run out of battery! Here are a few new releases to look out for in 2016.

Domestic Scenes: The Art of Ramiro Gomez by Lawrence Weschler, illustrated by Ramiro Gomez

ramiro gomez art book
Interior with Vase of Flowers, Ramiro Gomez. Photo: Ramiro Gomez

Artist Ramiro Gomez was born in San Bernardino, California to undocumented Mexican immigrant parents. His provocative paintings feature nannies, gardeners, and other domestic help amongst lavish kitchens and pools, all with obscured faces. Gomez eerily illuminates the often unseen labor that fuels the lifestyles of the wealthy. Award-winning author Lawrence Weschler’s accompanying text offers a new dimension of insight into Gomez’s work.

The Newsstand: Independently Published Zines, Magazines and Artist Books by Lele Saveri

The Newsstand Store Front, The Newsstand. Photo: NY Times

This anthology is a testament to The Newsstand, a pop-up subway kiosk ensconced in Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Avenue L/G stop in 2013, which served as a radical space for artists to showcase zines and art.  This book showcases the hundreds of indie publications that were housed in The Newsstand, and features interviews with organizers who made this space flourish. The Newsstand is truly an art book for art book lovers.

Andreas Gursky: Landscapes by Terrie Sultan

Engadin I, Andreas Gursky. Photo: Gagosian Gallery

German photographer Andreas Gursky is famous for his large format landscape and architecture images.  For centuries, Gursky has captured the beauty of stark turf and water, dotted with the occasional, anonymous human being.  This compilation, which includes over twenty full-color spreads, encapsulates over thirty years of the artist’s seminal career.

William Wegman: Paintings by William Wegman

“Postcards”, William Wegman. Photo: William Wegman

American Artist William Wegman has compiled 140 color images of his unique postcard paintings in his newest book. Wegman starts with vintage postcards then paints a world around them. In these expansive pieces, bucolic scenes are transformed into dinosaur playgrounds and beyond as Wegman riffs off anonymous artists of the past.

Advanced Style: Older and Wiser by Ari Seth Cohen

ari seth cohen advanced style art book cover
“Advanced Style,” Ari Seth Cohen. Photo: powerHouse Books

In this follow up to powerHouse’s best selling Advanced Style, this series celebrates a whole new batch of glamorous elderly folks. From striking colors to dazzling dresses, this book proves that, no matter what your age, your style can be bold, shameless, and shamanistic. Globetrotting photographer Ari Seth Cohen has traveled from LA, to Cape Town, to Tokyo and beyond to give readers 272 pages of seasoned fashion.


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