50,000 LED Art Installation From Pace Art And teamLAB

50,000 LED Art Installation From Pace Art And teamLAB

“Crystal Universe,” Photo: Pace Art + Technology, teamLab

You can now get tickets for Living Digital Space and Future Parks at Pace’s Menlo Park gallery, which is, fittingly, in the heart of the Silicon Valley. With 20 digital works comprised of 50,000 lights, this collaboration between Japanese art collective teamLab and Pace Art + Technology is a very different kind of immersive LED art installation. Visitors are invited to interact with installations spanning 20,000ft², some of which are operated via mobile app and others through touch.

Although Pace’s president Marc Glimcher was initially skeptical about the concept, he later realized he was “having an authentic art experience.” He explained, “It’s something that we have to open up what our definition of art is, so I had my own conversion experience.”

The gallery appeals to a multi-generational audience. The Sketch Aquarium, for example, is designed for tots, and allows little ones to first draw their aquatic creations, then scan them into a system which projects their drawings onto a wall. Kids can interact with this tapestry of moving illustrations by tapping on food bags and feeding their fish.

As for the adults, the gallery riffs off the elements water, fire, earth, and wind. Light Sculpture of Flames, for example, can be controlled digitally by viewers, and “seeks to express a layered flame in sculptural form.” The sculpture notably does not use any pre-recorded imagery, and is perpetually creating a real-time image based on visitor interaction. Black Waves in Infinity simulates the ebb and flow of rivers and oceans and is, as teamLab says, a not to the “pre-modern Japanese painting.”

Living Digital Space and Future Parks demonstrates height of technology while simultaneously acknowledging the basic principles that fuel our natural world.

“The concept of the digital is to expand the expression of humanity,” said teamLab founder Toshiyuki Inoko. “By connecting digital technology and art, I think it’s possible to make other people’s existence more positive.”

“Flowers and People-Dark,” Photo: Pace Art + Technology, teamLab
“Light Sculpture of Flames,” Photo: Pace Art + Technology, teamLab
“Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders,” Photo: Pace Art + Technology, teamLab

Living Digital Space and Future Parks will be on view, or, more accurately, available for visitors to explore, until July 1st.


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